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"On With The Show'

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Northern California

September 24th 

Larkspur Blus & Rock

Kathi McDonald featured on new CD by

Dave Getz - Break Away

"Can't Be The Only One"

New Blues CD release due soon .

On With The Show

A NEW Release from Kathi McDonald features 4 new Kathi McDonald recordings.

1. "On With The Show" - When trouble in life strikes reach back to what you know and what gets you through the tough times. For Kathi McDonald that is performing , so "On With the Show"! A solid performance and strong emotions makes this track one powerful song.

2 "Long Arm of the Law' - When faced with continued troubles from a domestic violence partner, you have to stand tall and know that you are not alone. Sometimes you got the law on your side.

3. "It's My Birthday" - When you part with a person that has caused you pain, you have to go on and celebrate your life with your friends. Leaving behind the painful past knowing that you former lover has to deal with their actions and pay the price.

4. "You Got to Move" a new rendition of the classic by Mississippi Fred McDowell, redone to a slow March out of the swamps of despair and moving forward to start anew. From a women's perspective there are trials in life that burden each of us differently. Sometimes you got to do the things you do to move forward.

This EP is dedicated to the victims of Domestic Violence and a portion of proceeds will go to Domestic Violence services. Domestic violence affects Women, children and Men.

The songs on this EP represent Kathi McDonald's own experiences with an abusive relationship. With support of family and friends, Kathi has transformed her pain and sufferering into an up beat and artistic and positive story.


Dave Getz Releases new CD featuring Kathi McDonald

42 years ago Dave Getz and Janis Joplin wrote a song together. That song was never recorded and released until now. Dave's new CD titled from that song "Can't Be The Only One" features Kathi McDonald performing vocals on the title track as well as 2 additional tracks plus a live track of "Can't Be The Only One"

"Can't Be The Only One" is a modern mix of several genres including tracks with Jazz and Latin influences, Blues and even a Psychadelic Metal mix featuring psychadelic guitar master James Gurley in what may be one of his final recordings.

Kathi McDonald really brings life tothe CD and performs in a way only someone connected to Janis and Big Brother can. As the first singer with Big Brother post Janis Joplin her (Kathi's) relationship with the times and music makes her a logical choice for vocal consideration to perform this track. Perform she does and as Kathi McDonald has shown over and over again the girl can sing!

The second track "More" features lyrics by Big Brother and the Holding Company Band Mate Sam Andrew. This song is also performed with Kathi McDonald. The track "House on Fire" written by Dave Getz and Louis Rappaport, is a new version of the song, the track first appeared on "How Hard It Is" the first post Janis recordings which also featured Kathi McDonald on vocals.



Coming Soon - Nothing But Trouble

A productive year it has been. A new Rich Kirch and Kathi McDonald Blues CD "Nothing But Trouble" is also due to be released shortly. This CD is done with a pure Chicago Blues feel and features 11 tracks with Kathi McDonald performing vocals on all tracks and the solid guitar of Rich Kirch. Rich played with John Lee Hooker as lead guitarist for 13 years, but was a true Chicago blues man prior serving up blues licks and honing his trade with the Jimmy Rogers Band and also the Jimmy Dawkins Band before moving on with John Lee. Sign up for our Newsletter to be alerted to the CD "Nothing But Trouble" release.


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